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Calabresi Metamorfosi Pipes

Thomas Cristiano Calabresi Metamorfosi Pipes

Thomas Cristiano was an American Pipe Maker who moved from his native Italy when he was 16 in 1968.  For several decades he made hand made artisanal pipes under his own name and also had pipes made from the mid century production techniques, back in the Old Country under the Calabresi brand.  Like many machine made marquees, there were several lines of various adornments and finish combinations.  Much of Cristiano's work is in Freehand pieces though his factory designs were very clean and stylish, showcasing the classic in the Italian School of smart looking shapes. The stems are capped with a stylish briar insert and steel caps and some with an adapter for those who prefer not to use a 9mm filter, though I like them without the adapter too.  Perfectly drilled to be an amazing smoker comparable to any other Marquee in the world. Worth twice what we are selling them for here!


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